Situated in the Toguchinsky district of Novosibirsk region in the settlement Gorny. In 2015 Koensky quarry, located near Lekarstvennoe village in Toguchinsky district, became part of the Kamenny quarry. Type of construction stone: albitophyre and diabase. Kamenny quarry is the largest quarry for the production of crushed stone, both in the Novosibirsk region and beyond the Urals. The produced crushed stone is ideal for; use with a mastic mixture; in the construction of category I roads and airfield strips; in the construction of objects in seismic hazardous areas; used as a railway track ballasting; filling concrete for pressure reinforced concrete pipes; critical structures of buildings, structures and bridges.

Location map

Product range:

  • crushed stone fractions 5-20, 20-40, 40-70, 20-70, 25-60 mm
  • the sand from the screenings of crushing fraction 0-5 mm
  • crushed stone-sand mixture of fraction 0-20, 0-40, 0-80 mm
  • Production of crushed stone of other fractions is carried out under the order

Quality indicators of the product:

  • albitophyre
  • diabase

Quality indicators of the product:

  • mark by fractional value - 1400
  • brand of abrasion - I1
  • bulk density - 1.4
  • brand of frost resistance - F300
  • specific activity of radionuclides - 1 class

Methods of shipment:

Delivery by
Delivery by rail can be carried out by own
dump cars and gondola cars.