Situated in Suzunsky district of Novosibirsk region, 2 km north-east of the village Shaidurovo. Type of construction stone: basalt porphyrites and albitophyre. The product of "Shaidurovsky quarry" meets all the requirements of consumers, and the unique geographical location of the quarry ensures effective delivery of crushed stone to the south-west regions of Novosibirsk region, north-west of Altai region and to Tomsk region.

Location map

Product range:

  • crushed stone fractions 5-20, 20-40, 40-70, 20-70 mm
  • the sand from the screenings of crushing fraction 0-5 mm
  • crushed stone-sand mixture of fraction 0-20, 0-70 mm
  • Production of crushed stone of other fractions is carried out under the order.

Breed of construction stone:

  • basalt porphyry
  • basalt albitophyre

Quality indicators of the product:

  • mark by fractional value –1400
  • brand of abrasion - I1
  • bulk density - 1.29
  • brand of frost resistance - F300
  • specific activity of radionuclides - 1 class

Methods of shipment:

Delivery by
Delivery by water transport during navigation period.
(May not be available in winter).