“Novosibirsk Quarry Administration” is the largest mining enterprise in the Siberian region for the extraction and processing of construction stone.

Today “Novosibirsk Quarry Administration” Joint Stock Company has five quarries:

Types of construction stone:
Granites, diabase and basalt porphyrites, albitophyre and marble limestone, it can be used to produce crushed stone with various physical and chemical properties.

A competitive advantage and feature of the Company is the profitable geographic location of the quarries which allows us to ship products, both to the domestic market, and beyond. The main consumers are large road construction companies in Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tomsk, Altai, Krasnoyarsk and Khanty-Mansi regions. Our wide geographical spread allows us to be as close as possible to the consumer and to provide various ways to transport our product: railway, water and motor transport.

  • 5 active quarries
  • Total reserves of more than 200 million m3
  • Over 1,000 workplaces
  • More than 50 years on the market


  • 2009
    1.8 million tons
  • 2010
    3.1 million tons
  • 2011
    5.4 million tons
  • 2012
    9 million tons
  • 2013
    8.3 million tons
  • 2014
    7.4 million tons
  • 2015
    5.9 million tons
  • 2016
    5.1 million tons
  • 2017
    6.4 million tons
  • 2018 (plan)
    7.8 million tons

We use modern resource management systems, logistics and marketing departments. Highly qualified specialists with extensive experience give us a competitive advantage, allowing us to form a balanced policy on price, timing and quality of deliveries.

The company is known for its reliability and high level of responsibility when dealing with clients. High standards of service quality and flexible terms of cooperation provide convenient and efficient service for the client and the company.
Joint Stock Company "Novosibirsk quarry administration" pays special attention to product quality control. It is carried out at all stages of production — from the quarry to the delivery of the finished product.

We have a laboratories at each quarry where we carry out physical and mechanical tests to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. Our quality control procedures also guarantee compliance with the established technology, and conforms to the highest standards and technical specifications at all stages of production.

Finished products comply with Russian legal standards (GOST 8267-93, GOST 31424-2010, 25607-2009 GOST, GOST 7392-2014, 32703-2014 GOST, GOST 32730-2014) and are used as: filler precast concrete for industrial and civil construction (columns, beams, balcony slabs, floor slabs, roofs, etc.); finishing materials (tiles, mosaic floors, etc.); materials for construction and repair of roads, as ballasting of railway tracks.


  • Excellent quality and a wide range of products

  • Guaranteed and reliable delivery

  • Modern production technologies

  • The best balance of price and quality

  • Development of transport logistics with the possibility of delivery by rail, water and motor transport

  • Highly qualified staff and excellent service

History of development

  • 1963

    Founding of the Company on the basis of Shipunovsky and Medvedsky stone deposits.

  • 1967

    Development of the Novobibeevsky granite deposit.

  • 1984

    Development of the Shaidurovsky quarry.

  • 1994

    Privatization of the enterprise and transformation into JSC "Novosibirsk Quarry Administration".

  • 2006

    The beginning of stable shipments for the needs of JSC "NK Rosneft".

  • 2007

    Accession of JSC "Iskitimmramorgranit-N".

  • 2008

    Introduction of modern production capacities - mobile crushing complexes "Terex".

    Installation of a gravity classifier to obtain improved crushing of stone.

  • 2010

    Accession of JSC "Kamenny Quarry", the largest quarry beyond the Urals.

  • 2010

    Commissioning of mobile crushing complexes "FINTEC".

  • 2011

    Start of regular shipments to JSC "Russian Railways".

  • 2013

    Commissioning of the "METSO MINERALS" crushing and screening plant.

  • 2014

    Replacement of the excavator and heavy truck fleet of the Iskitimsky quarry for new machinery of TM "Hyundai" and "Scania".

  • 2015

    Acquisition of the Koensky quarry.

  • 2016

    Acquisition of a crushing and sorting plant UDS-1200 on the Kamenny quarry for the production of crushed stone fraction 5-20 of group 3 flakiness.

  • 2017

    Acquisition of the UDS-1600 crushing and screening plant at the Kamenny quarry for the production of the tight fraction crushed stone of group 1 flakiness.

  • 2017

    Reconstruction of the crushing and sorting factory DSF-3 of the Kamenny quarry.